The BRSO organized series of events in Chemnitz, Germany


The Baloch Republican Students Organization’s central spokesman said in a statement that, the BRSO organized series of events in the Chemnitz city of Germany to highlight the war crimes of Pakistani state forces in Balochistan.

He added “The activists of Baloch Republican Students Organization distributed leaflets and aware the local community about the alarming situation of Balochistan and on the 4th of April the BRSO among with Amnesty International organized a seminar at Technical University of Chemnitz titled “Baluchistan – Known conflicts of an unknown region””.

The representatives of BRSO while addressing at the seminar said “The fifth, and still ongoing, Baloch uprising started in 2002, during the military rule of General Pervez Musharraf. On 26 August 2006, Nawab Akbar Bugti, who besides leading the Bugti tribe had also served as both governor from 1973 to 1974 and chief minister from 1989 to 1990 of Balochistan, was killed in a military operation at his hideout in the hills in north-eastern Balochistan. As the insurgency in Balochistan drags into a long drawn out stalemate between the military regime and the Baloch nationalists, the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti has added an ominous dimension to it. Pakistani security forces killed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in an encounter in Kohlu district of Baluchistan. The ongoing army action in Balochistan also indicates that the military and not the civilian leadership is taking all the decisions regarding Balochistan. The tactics adopted by the Pakistani establishment to deal with the Baloch Leadership indicate that the military leadership is confident that it can resolve the issue by brute force”.

The representatives of BRSO further said that “Exact after the killing of Baloch veteran leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti the people of Balochistan united against the state conspiracies and they raised the voice against injustice, killings, abductions and military operations of Pakistani army in Balochistan. The most of the educated people joined those political parties who are engaged in seeking self-determination of Balochistan. The Pakistani establishment feared of Baloch national struggle for self-determination, in result, Pakistani intelligence agencies and Pakistani armed forces started a new policy which was named by Human Rights Watch, “Kill and Dump”. Since 2009 Pakistani state started a crackdown on political parties, student organizations, NGOs, media persons and those who raise voice against the injustice”.

The spokesman further stated that, “The representatives of BRSO in Germany presented detail reports of Pakistani state crimes since 1948 and exploitative projects of both Pakistani and Chinese states in Balochistan on the name of China Pakistan Economic Corridor”.

While, Pakistani officials in Germany wrote a letter to Amnesty International and Technical University to cancel the event on Balochistan, they mentioned Balochistan an internal problem of Pakistan, on the other hand, Amnesty International and Technical University of Chemnitz denied their request for the cancellation of the event. It’s not the first time that Pakistani officials tried to stop the Baloch voice, Pakistani and Chinese representatives during the 34th session of the united nation human rights council in Geneva requested the administration of the session to stop the representative of Baloch Republican Party Mr Abdul Nawaz Bugti to address in the session. 

He further added “The BRSO activists also held a protest demonstration in the Chemnitz city of Germany against the human rights violations, kill & dump, military operations in Balochistan and China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The demonstration was held on the second day of seminar.

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