The 21st century shall be the century of victory and independence for the oppressed nations – Chairman Rehan Baluch


The chairman of the Baloch Republican Students Organization, Rehan Baloch, declared the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan the defeat of the oppressors and culprits in his statement.

He said, the 21st century will bring strategic changes in the region and would be the century of defeat for tyrannical rulers. The Baloch and Kurds are the owner of strategically important lands and are blessed with all kinds of natural resources. But unforfunately they have been divided into different countries by the imperial forces so that their territory can be occupied. But the referendum for independence in Iraqi Kurdistan has proved that nations cannot be enslaved long.

He said, Pakistani state forces and Intelligence Agencies have crossed all the limits of cruelty in Balochistan.

The activities of pro independence organisations and political parties are completely banned, and the killings of political workers have continued for many years.

Human Rights organizations, whose aim is to raise voice against human rights violations and be the voices of oppressed people, are completely silent on the state’s atrocities on Baloch people. Silence on such a massive scale of the human rights situation in Balochistan is a tragedy for humanity.

Rehan Baloch added that the State institutions are not only killing the peaceful political workers, but also busy in the genocide of Baloch nation in different ways, like spreading drugs among Baloch youth, destroying the educational institutions and converting them into military camps, killing the educationalists etc.

He further said, that the health department in Balochistan is full of disaster, while people from health minister’s own district go to Karachi and other major cities for treatment of the small diseases.

“We have to face various challenges in Balochistan, and these problems are increasingly increasing,” he said. Therefore, global organizations should realize their responsibilities, should play their role in eliminating the crisis in Balochistan, but neither can their silence be more destructive.

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