BRSO held a general body meeting in South Korea – Maqbool Baloch elected as president


The central spokesman of the Baloch Republican Students Organization said in a statement that, BRSO has held a general body meeting in South Korea, in which various agendas were discussed, while South Korean chapter has also been formed. And before starting the meeting two-minutes silence was observed in the memory of Baloch martyrs.

Speakers in their address said that the global situation is changing rapidly, China’s investment in a war zone like Baluchistan is not just for economic purpose but also to achieve defense goals and for the completion of this, the Pakistani Army has been engaged in violence and human rights violations  on Baloch populations for many years. The Pakistani state has been providing safe shelters to religious extremists in Baluchistan, so that they should be used against the Baloch movement.

The speakers further said that Pakistan is the center of global terrorism, the terrorists get training in Pakistan’s military camps and spread terrorism across the globe.

If the global institutions want to counter terrorism from the world, they will have to support the independent Baloch state because an independent and autonomous Baloch state can prove to have peace in the region.

The spokesperson further added ”in the general body meeting, elections were also conducted, in which Maqbool Baloch elected as President, Saleh Hussain as General Secretary, Yousuf Baloch as Information Secretary, and Mirjan Baloch as Finance Secretary.

The elected cabinet members said they would organize the BRSO in South Korea, aware the human rights organizations and local community about the alarming human rights situation in Baluchistan”.

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