The media & Int’l human rights organizations are playing a role in hiding the State crimes in Baluchistan


The spokesperson of the Baloch Republican Students Organization condemned the abduction of Nawaz Atta Baloch among with eight other students in Karachi, at the hands of Pakistani security forces. The spokesman issued a press release to the media houses and said that the Pakistani security forces have raided a house in Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi and abducted Nawaz Atta Baloch, the information secretary of the Baloch Human Rights Organization among with Abid s/o Ashraf age 17, Farhad s/o Anwar age 17, Sajjad s/o Yarjan age 18, Ulfat s/o Altaf age 13, Ilyas s/o Faiz Muhammad and Aftab s/o Muhammad Younus age 8 years old.

The spokesman added that kidnapping of students and human rights activists and torturing women and children reveal the defeat of the Pakistani state. The State brutalities in Baluchistan and other Baloch populated areas are increasing with each passing day, which is a serious violation of human rights and must be condemned by the civilized world.Military operations throughout Balochistan have been continuing with intensity for the last several years, as a result of these operations, a large number of people, including women have been martyred so far, while thousands of youngsters have been abducted during the operation. While throwing out the dead bodies of missing persons is still going on, people belonging to human rights organizations, who have also voiced against injustices and extra judicial killings and abductions, are being kidnapped against which the international human rights organizations should play their role.

He furtehr added  that ”Baloch students turn towards other cities to achieve education, but there they are also being kidnapped and tortured by the State elements. He said that local and international media and human rights organizations continue to be silent and play a role in hiding the State’ crimes in Baluchistan. Despite seeing inhuman activities of Pakistani state forces in Balochistan, journalists and human rights defenders are intentionally silent or they are afraid of the state’s frustration”.

The spokesman further  said that international human rights organizations and the media would have to play their role against the kidnappers and the extra judiciary arrests of the innocent Baloch people.

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