A five day awareness campaign, seminar and demonstration were held by BRSO on the 11th martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Akbar Bugti in Berlin

The spokesman of Baloch Republican Students Organization in his press release has said that, on the occasion of the 11th martyrdom anniversary of father of the nation Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the BRSO has organised a five day awareness campaign in the capital city of Brandenburg, thousands of leaflets were distributed among European people and activists have informed the European people about the alarming human rights situation in Balochistan and war crimes of the Pakistani State.

The spokesperson stated, a seminar was also organised in Berlin, the capital city of Germany to commemorate the 11th martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. The representatives of the Baloch Republican Students Organization, Baloch Republican Party, Baloch National Movement, Baloch Human Rights Organization, American Friends of Balochistan and International Friends of Sindh have paid rich tribute to Shaheed Akbar Khan during their address.

The representatives of BRSO in Germany addressed that , Shaheed Nawab Akbar has played a very effective role in Baloch politics and in Baloch National movement. Once in a public gathering Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan said that, he will not allow Panjabis to loot Baloch resources and deprive the Baloch nation from their fundamental rights and will not let Panjabis to  build roads and buildings on the blood of Baloch people, he said he will defend Balochistan until his last breath and he was committed to his words till the last blood flowed from his body and until his last breath.

In 2004 Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti called for the establishment of a single, unified Baloch Nationalist Party and tried to unite all Baloch on a single platform. But Islamabad’s intervention in Balochistan’s political, social, and economic matters prevented this from happening.

In 2005, General Musharraf essentially declared war on Balochistan, and specifically on Bugti. The army came to Balochistan and besieged Derag Bugti and Kohlu.

Akbar Khan Bugti was the one who stood up in front of Pakistani army and dictator general Pervaiz Musharaf to defend Baloch wealth, land and resources. Ex-General of Pakistani army dictator Parvaiz Musharaf used to say, it’s not 70s, he will hit the Baloch and they will not even know from where they been hit. The time has proved itself once again and Baloch are still living in their homeland and moreover Baloch are following Musharaf everywhere in the world to show his evil face to the civilized world.

Pakistani army and its intelligence agencies may thought that they will kill the Akbar Khan Bugti and silence the Baloch voice forever but they were wrong, Baloch nation has proved it by their blood that they will follow the ideology of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti to defend Baloch land and Baloch identity.

The brutal Pakistani army launched massive military operations in Dera Bugti and adjoining areas in 2004 to kill the Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti. In March 2005 Pakistani army bombarded the civil population of Dera Bugti in which more than 70 people were brutally killed, most of them were women and children but fortunately Nawab Akbar Bugti survived at that attack. The army continuously targeted Akbar Khan Bugti in various attacks to kill him and crush the Baloch movement.  

The army bombings of Dera Bugti resulted in indiscriminate killing and displacement of approximately 1,60,000 people in the region, according to Internal Displacement Monitoring Center’s 2006 report.

August 26 is the day when terrorist and fascist army succeed to kill Akbar Khan Bugti in 2006 but they failed to kill his Ideology and his school of thoughts.

Since the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti, the Baloch movement has been more strengthen, despite hundreds of thousands Baloch political activist, human rights activists, journalists, doctors, teachers and students have been killed so far but the movement is still ongoing toward its destination, we believe that the voice of oppressed nations could not be crushed by the barrels of the guns or army barbarism.

The killing of 79 year old Akbar Khan Bugti brought on the fifth phase of the freedom movement in Balochistan. It began in the rugged, mountainous region of Dera Bugti and established a strong foothold in most of the Baloch districts, even the Makuran Division, which was not directly involved in previous movements.

There’s is a huge gap between the fourth and fifth phases of military operations in Baluchistan. The fourth phase, from 1973 to 1977, did not last long. The fifth phase began in 2004 and is still ongoing. More importantly, by 2006 the new generation had forgotten about past movements, but Akbar Bugti’s killing re-kindled the fire. It permeated towns and cities, extended to districts, and then to divisions

Thousands of Baloch have sacrificed their lives following the Ideology of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti to defend the Baloch Identity and thousands other have been abducted  by the Intelligence Agencies and armed forces.

Pakistani army and its Intelligence Agencies are abducting and killing political activists to create fear among the Baloch masses. But todays event is a sign of our success, we didn’t down our heads in front of Islamabad’s barbarism. Our thousands of martyrs and those in Pakistani torture cells have proved, that we are a nation with thousands of years history and values, our elders teaches us how to defend Baloch land from occupiers.

At the end representatives of BRSO requested the Baloch masses to create unity among each other, All Pakistani institutions are united against the Baloch nation and Baloch movement, we can defeat them all only by UNITY