The diplomacy and activities of Baloch Nationalist parties and leaders, have put Pakistani state institutions in serious difficulty

The central spokesman of the Baloch Republican Students Organization in his statement said that the diplomacy of the Baloch Republican Party and other Pro independent parties and leaders, have put Pakistani state institutions in serious difficulty.

The successful awareness campaigns of the Baloch Republican Party in the United Nations office in Geneva in Switzerland have caused state institutions to face severe problems. The State-owned institutions and the Pakistani media have always failed to connect the activities of Baloch Nationalist to India. Pakistan has been trying to mislead the world for the past several years that the pro Balochistan freedom parties have been receiving support and assistance from India, but the Pakistani state has failed to present evidence in front of global institutions. Due to the political activities and diplomacy of pro freedom Nationalist parties and especially the Baloch Republican Party in the foreign countries, have aware the world about the worsening Human Rights situation in Balochistan.

The spokesman further said that the Pakistani state has always considered discussing the problems of Balochistan as interrupted in the internal affairs of the country. The Balochistan’s problem could not be an internal issue of Pakistan, the Balochistan is the land of the Baloch nation and other minorities settled for centuries, those occupiers who came to Baluchistan from thousands of kilometers away to loot Baloch resources and is the source of all kinds of miseries of the Baloch Nation, could not be our sympathetic or well wishers.

The spokesperson further added that the Pakistani state is suffering from global isolation, the state institutions instead of acting against the terrorists in the name of the fight against terrorism, providing them safe shelters, to destabilize neighboring countries but the whole world is now aware of the double-standard of the Pakistani state.