The central committee meeting of the BRSO was held and chaired by Chairman Rehan Baloch

The central spokesperson of the Baloch Republican Students Organization said in a press statement that the Central Committee meeting of the BRSO held and chaired by Central Chairman Rehan Baloch, various agendas were discussed in the meeting, before starting the meeting two-minutes silence was observed in the memory of Baloch martyrs.

Addressing the meeting, the  central committee members paid rich tribute to those martyrs of Baloch Homeland who sacrificed their precious lives for  the  Baloch  nation and those who are passing through all kinds of difficulties and pain in the illegal custody of Pakistani state forces.

The BRSO leaders expressed their views on various agendas, saying that the state aims to ban the political activities of political and student organization and keep these organizations away from open surface is to keep the Baloch nation from political consciousness.

The Pakistani state is engaged in Baloch genocide by its armed forces, Intelligence Agencies and extremist groups , and in the context of the changing situation of the region, Balochistan is becoming the key to other countries of the region.

In a failed attempt to get control over the Baloch sea, China is building military bases, airports and other projects in Balochistan, on the name of so-called Economy Corridor after a deal with Pakistan. China is blocking these routes by constructing a port on major maritime routes to get full control of Balochistan’s naval routes. The China is increasingly implementing its proposed projects in Gwadar, which has the concern of other countries, though  the most dangerous for Baloch national identity and existence.

The leaders further said that the state institutions have set a number of policies to counter the Baloch independence movement, as well as keeping the people behind the economic and political context, and the educational institutions have been converted into military checkpoints. Thousands of Baloch activists, teachers, students and people belonging to different school of thoughts have been abducted and killed, are the results of these policies

The leaders further said in their address that all the activists of the BRSO are heavily responsible for the use of their abilities to mobilize the nation, to counter the State policies.

The Central spokesperson of the BRSO further said that in the meeting of the Central Committee, important decisions regarding unity in Pro Freedom Baloch institutions have been made and BRSO will soon play its role to create unity among them, all Baloch leaders and representatives of pro freedom institutions will be contacted soon in this regard. While Baloch Nation will be informed and updated about the any developments.