Baloch leadership should bridge their differences through dialogues – Rehan Baloch

Baloch Republican Student Organization’s chairman Rehan Baloch said in his recent statement that military organizations would be laughing under their sleeves by observing the internal bickering of Balochs political forces. What they failed to do, now our own friends are doing it for them.

He said, our struggle is for a free and democratic Balochistan, where everyone has the right of freedom of expression, and can have a  differences of opinion.  But character assassination of one another in social media  cannot be termed as difference of opinion. The concept of tolerance is waning in Baloch’s politics; whereas, a growing tendency of intolerance can be a poison for national struggle. It is our prime responsibility to educate our people for  respecting one other opinions,”

The chairman added, “ our people didn’t sacrificed their lives for our egocentric political vision; rather, they laid their lives for the greatest cause of national freedom. Surely it is a cardinal sin if we deviated from their cherished dreams,”

He appealed to all Baloch leadership and workers that they would give up their personal like and dislike for the greatest cause of national freedom.

Rehan Baloch clarified that enemy forces do not categorize us on our party level; rather, they target us on being pro freedom activists. Therefore, we must know the gravity of time and all the pro freedom Parties should strengthen their ties, and proceed toward a single goal of freedom.

The BRSO chairman further added, “ Pakistan Army in order to strengthen its occupation is using different tactics to crush the Baloch movement for all.  Baloch are being enforced disappeared and martyred on daily basis; and our elder, children and women are being harassed and tortured at the hands of brutal army. In such conditions, it is responsibility of Baloch leadership to address their existing differences and  expose the atrocities of Pakistani security forces before the civilized world,”

Chairman BRSO concluded, “BRSO as a student organization is always ready to play its role for the mutual dialogues of all political forces. And I request to all Baloch leadership to bridge their existing differences through dialogues and mutual understanding and play a crucial role for the national cause.”