BRSO condemns the attack on Mosques in Christchurch in strong terms.

Baloch Republican Student Organization Central spokesman in his statement condemned the attack  on  Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. He expressed sympathies with the families of deceased who were killed when they were offering their Friday prayers.

 He further added that it would be wrong to associate any act of terrorism to the religion; a terrorist would always remain a terrorist, and nothing to do with religion, no matter whether one is Muslim, Jew or Christian. 

BRSO central spokesman expressed his condolences to the families of those who were killed in Christchurch attack and prayed for the deceased.

“already affected by terrorism, a great number of Muslims have seeked asylum in Europe and the West, but targeting them in ground of religion, skin and race is highly commendable act.” stated He. 

The spokesman stated no one should be spared on the basis of religion, and there would be no hesitate to declare one terrorist, whether one is Muslim, Jew or Christian, one’s identity will remain as terrorist. Christchurch attacker was a Christian by faith, but it does not mean that all Christian are terrorists, every religion has people of different mentality. 

The spokesman maintained, “Pakistan is also a Islamic country, which is doing atrocities on Baloch people for last seventy two years; even though Baloch are also Muslims but one cannot blame Islam for this; surely all religions of the world preach about peace.”