BRSO held a three-day awareness campaign and seminar in Germany

Germany: On the occasion of the 12th martyrdom anniversary of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the central spokesman of the Baloch Republican Students Organization in his statement has said that the BRSO ran an awareness campaign for three days and held a seminar in German city Cottbus.

The Central Spokesman said that BRSO in a three-day awareness campaign highlighted the human rights violations in Balochistan by Pakistani Security forces. In the German city, the local masses were informed about the war crimes and human rights violation of Pakistan security forces in Balochistan.

Thousands of pamphlets were distributed in the German language, which highlighted the ongoing deteriorated situations of Balochistan. On 26th August a seminar was held in which the participant paid rich tributes to Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti on his 12th martyrdom anniversary.

The central members of the BRSO Nodh Baloch, Khalid Lal and Sufyan Ayazi, the Vice President of the Baloch Republican Party of German Chapter, Adil Baloch, BRP members Mohammad Baloch and Atta Baloch, and Baloch National Movement member Asghar Ali Baloch, The General Secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organization, Abdullah Abbas Baloch  addressed in the seminar.

The addressed that Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti sacrificed his life for Baloch land and the identity of the Baloch nation. His role would be remembered with golden words in the Baloch history

Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti not only talked about the revolutionary ideas but also proved it with his character, while octogenarian and respected Baloch leader proved it by sacrificing his life for the Baloch nation. His sacrifices for the Baloch nation awaken Baloch new generation from the deep slumber.

He is the character who tried to protect every inch of Motherland and resisted the occupation of the Baloch Land despite his old age. Regardless of being a Chief of his tribe, he not only rejected the luxuries of life but endured all sorts of difficulties and hardship for the Baloch nation; finally sacrificing his life for his people and land.

This is the reason today, thousands of miles away from Balochistan, here in Germany and different cities of the world, this day entire Baloch nation gather and pay rich tribute to Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan.

The speakers said that Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti is a symbol of the Baloch nation. Shaheed Bugti not only resisted the enemy forces but also served his nation in the field of education and politics.

Once the military dictator of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf bragged that we would hit the Baloch in a way they would never know how they were hit. Today the fact is clear that military general escaped and run away from own country; on the other hand, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti is remembered with the golden worlds throughout the world.

This is a clear message to all those sick minded people that Baloch nation will never hesitate to sacrifice the life for the protection of his land and national identity.

Military operations enforced disappearances and mutilated dead bodies would never deviate Baloch nation for its ultimate destination for a free Balochistan.

The speakers said that Pakistan army wrongly judged that the killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, hoping that their heinous crime would pave the way for controlling entire Balochistan forever, but they had forgotten the fact that the ideology of Nawab Akbar Kahn Bugti had deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of the Baloch nation. Shaheed Akbar Khan Bugti was martyred 12 years before, but his ideas are flourishing across Balochistan.

The speakers also questioned the role of world bodies, human rights organizations and United Nation for adopting a dualistic policy toward the Baloch nation.   Due to their apathy, today Baloch nation is going through a sad situation.

Baloch nation is resisting a world atomic power, and more than 80 percent of Baloch masses are living under the poverty line. If the civilized world and the responsible organizations had played their positive role, the situation of the oppressed Baloch nation would have been far different.

The world bodies and champions of the human rights organization have to give up their dualistic policy toward the Baloch nation and should keep Pakistan accountable for committing war crimes in Balochistan.  They must take immediate action and play a positive role to stop the human rights violation in Balochistan.