BRSO held an awareness campaign against the Involuntary Disappearances in Balochistan

Baloch Republican Student Organization Central spokesman in his statement says that BRSO has run an awareness campaign in the German city of Paderborn. The purpose of this awareness campaign was to highlight and aware European citizens regarding the involuntary disappearances, extrajudicial killings and atrocities of State forces in Balochistan. 

The spokesman stated that, during the campaign local people were informed about the enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, and pamphlets were distributed in German language to the participants.

The BRSO spokesman stated, “ the so called government in Balochistan is claiming the release of missing persons, on the contrary the more number of people are being whisked away and enforced disappeared by law enforcement agencies, which reflects the efficiency of the government. In reality for many years the military has been ruling in Balochistan.”

He further added, “a civilian government is only a delusion in Balochistan, the army and intelligence agencies are the real ruler in Balochistan, and everything is at their disposal. Balochistan government is claiming for the release of missing persons, where is two fold numbers of people are being abducted. 

The spokesman of Baloch Republican Student Organization appealed to the human rights organizations and civilized world to play their role against the decades old atrocities in Balochistan.