BRSO pays rich tribute to Nawab Khair Bahksh Marri on his fourth death anniversary

The Central spokesman of Baloch Republican Student Organization in his statement said that Khair Bakhsh Marri had devoted his entire life for the Baloch national struggle and national identity. He faced all sort of difficulties to serve the Baloch nation; the future generations will be proud of his services to the nation.

The spokesman said, “The occupying forces pressurized him all the way compelling him to give up the struggle for a free Balochistan, but he defied all odds tactics and propaganda of the State and stood with his ideology till his last breath.”

BRSO spokesman said, it is the fourth anniversary of Baba Marri; physically Baba Marri is no more among us, but we are going forward with his given philosophy for a free Balochistan.

He added, “BRSO pays rich tribute to the great services and sacrifices of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri which he made for the Baloch nation, and we vow that we would continue the philosophy of Baba Marri till we achieve our national freedom.”