BRSO Stages a protest demonstration against the enforced disappearances in Baluchistan

Baloch  Republican Student Organization Central spokesman in his statement says that BRSO had protested in the German city of Bielefeld against the enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of Baloch and abduction of women and children in different parts of Balochistan.

The spokesman stated that the demonstration was held on Saturday. The sole purpose of the demonstration was to highlight the atrocities of Pakistani armed forces on International forums that commit in Balochistan.

The spokesman of BRSO stated that Pakistani security forces for the last decade have been conducting deadly military operations in Balochistan. In result of those operations, thousands of Baloch had been killed by the Pakistan Army and other security forces. Further, thousands more had been enforced disappeared and were enduring inhuman torture at the hands of law enforcement agencies.

However, for the last several months there was an incremental increase in the abductions of women in Balochistan, which aggravated the situation in Balochistan,” explained BRSO spokesman.

The spokesman of Baloch Republican Student Organization vowed that BRSO would continue the struggle against the state atrocities till the self-determination of Balochistan.