Enforced Disappearance Hikes in Balochistan

The Central spokesman of Baloch Republican Student Organization said, there is a constant rise in the abduction of Baloch students.

“ security forces and intelligence agencies abduct the Baloch students in broad daylight, and shift them to unknown locations. However, the law enforcement agencies deny the enforced disappearance of these hapless Baloch students,” commented he.

The spokesman stated that Saeed  Badini, a medical student of final year was arrested from his hostel’s room in the presence of several eyewitnesses by intelligence agencies; However is whereabouts is still unknown.

He further added, “Saeed Baloch was a brilliant student and he has no applications with any political organization. However his abduction shows the presence of any Baloch student in educational institutions is unacceptable to Pakistan,”

BRSO central spokesman speaking on elsewhere incident in Panjgur said, “ intelligence agencies and it’s proxy death squad members abducted Abdul Khaliq from examination center in Tasp area of Panjgur when he was taking his matriculation exam,”

The spokesman claimed that the enforced disappearance of Saeed Badini is not unique in its nature, rather several students were already enforced disappeared in same fashion.

The spokesman stated that prior to that Atta Nawaz, the information secretary of Baloch Human Rights along with eight other including a kid were abducted from Karachi, Sindh. In the same way Sanaullah Baloch, the Central Secretary General of BSO-AZAD, Naseer Baloch and Hassam Baloch both respectively center committee members of BSO-AZAD and Rafeeq Baloch, a member of Baloch National Movement (BNM) were also abducted from Karachi and their whereabouts is still unknown.

The spokesman of Baloch Republican Student Organization lamented that the list of  abductees is long; in which the ex chairman of BRSO, The Junior Vice Chairman, central committee members and several other workers are included; and the silence of human rights organizations providing Pakistan a free hand for enforced disappearance of Baloch students.”