Human rights situation is worsening in Balochistan

BRSO Baloch Republican Student Organization spokesman, Mr. Hamdan Baloch in a statement said that human rights violations by Pakistani forces in Balochistan have become practice of a daily basis.

Many areas of Balochistan including Sahiji, Dera Bugti, Mashkay, Awaran, Mastung, Kalat and Buleda were under heavy military operations by Pakistani armed forces where it had become impossible for people to live, said Mr. Hamdan.

“The armed forces keep the areas besiege for weeks where people get affected because of lake of food and water supplies. They spread chemicals into the water, therefore death toll raises to highest levels,” he said.

He further said that Balochistan had become a war zone: extra judicial abductions and killings had become practice of a daily bases while the human rights plays that role of a silent audience.