About us

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  • To struggle for the national identity and for independence of Baloch national state.
  • To motivate the Baloch youth for education.
  • To maintain the Balochi and Brahvi languages, and culture.
  • To maintain the equality of women and men in Baloch society.
  • To disregard any religious or generational differences with respect to every religion.
  • To organize programs on knowledge, respect and revolution in educational institutions, and to give the Baloch youth discretion and inspire them to join the Baluchistan freedom movement.
  • To maintain ties with world students and human rights organizations



  • Baloch Republican Students Organization is the student wing of Baloch Republican Party, but it’s independent on organizational decision makings.
  • Members of Baloch Republican Students Organization cannot have simultaneous links with other organizations.
  • Members of Baloch Republican Students Organization cannot perpetrate any such act harmful to the Baloch, Baluchistan and humanity.
  • Activists cannot have any addictions (Drug, Opium, or alcohol, etc), and can not be involved in social illnesses.


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