Silence of HR groups on abduction of Mahaiz Baloch is beyond comprehension

Cg5d_wzWMAAA6RzSpokesman of the Baloch Republican Student Organization, Mr. Hamdan Baloch, in his statement said that Pakistani forces abducted 7th class Baloch student, Muhaiz s/o Momin from Shapuk area of Balochistan who has been missing ever since.

Muhaiz was just a student and had no affiliation with any organization of any kind, whatsoever, he said adding that abductions of Baloch women and children in Balochistan was taking speed as each day passes which the Human rights organizations have been silent about.

Mr. Hamdan further said that Pakistani barbarism in Balochistan was intensifying.

“Military operations are continued in different parts of Balochistan including Kalat, Hoshab, Balgtar, Buleda and Dera Bugti: In addition to which, innocent Baloch people are being targeted in these operations” He said.

State aggression and abductions, kill and dump of Baloch political activists, he said, became a practice of a daily basis in Balochistan, and no one seems to be safe from it, either women, children or elders.

The spokesman urges the international media and human rights organization to play their role to highlight the human rights violations and Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan.