The military has brought intensity in operations and committing atrocities on innocent children and women

Baloch Republican Student Organization Central spokesman in his statement strongly condemned the ongoing military operation in Mashkay and Naseerabad. 

Since December 1st military has brought intensity in operations and State forces are committing atrocities on innocent children and women. In the result of operation eight civilian embraced martyrdom and sixty  women are abducted by forces. The sister of Dr. Allah Nazar, Baloch is among the abductees. The abduction of women and children by Pakistani forces clearly indicate that the State is so much scared of defeat. 

Furthermore, the military is carrying out operation in Chattar, Houti Kahoor and Toopani Wadh area of Naseerabad till dawn and targeting armless civilian. Forces also burnt the houses and looted more than two hundred herds.

The spokesman stated that Pakistan is applying a  strategy to take forcibly away lands of the Baloch people; razing and burning houses by forces are directly connected to this policy. He said that the state machinery is completely engaged in the annihilation of the Baloch nation and their national struggle and in order to facilitate China and make a favorable environment for investment. The spokesman expressed disappointment that international communities are completely silent on Baloch genocide.