Third national council session of Baloch Republican Students Organization held in Paroom

The Baloch Republican Students Organization held its third National Council Session in the honor of Martyr Zahid Askani and Martyr Saba Dashtiyari in Parom region of district Panjgoor from 18 to 20 February. Proceedings of the National Council session was started with Balochi national anthem, also in memory of the martyrs two minutes silence was observed, after this following agendas were discussed, (1) Global and regional political situation (2) The performance of the organization (3) The secretary report (4) The title of the legislation (5) Organizer’s speech (6) Future course of action (7) Chairman’s speech.

The BRSO leadership spoke over different agendas in which they vows the oppressed nations have to do something for their betterment but it’s difficult when international interests are against you or mismatched. If you do not understand the geography and sprinkling settled Baloch while Baloch is stuck between the two powers China and USA and they both have tensions by one another. While they both had kept eyes over Balochistan i.e. Gawadar. Both want their control over Gawadar, but now important question is to Baloch cause if we do not strengthen ourselves then it will create major risk and problems for identity and geography. So, we have to organize ourselves and bow a strong national consciousness among the Baloch people.

Leaders urge that conditions and circumstances are changing very fast in Balochistan due to emerging of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Due to this international game is started in Balochistan if we don’t want to lose our national identity then we have to unite. Our organization can guide Baloch youth in educational institutions, it’s our national duty to encourage people to resist and create internal unity among the Baloch nation.

BRSO leadership said when East India Company came to India, they said that they came to do business and set up base in areas with the name of business and East India Company made whole India its colony likewise Punjabi army is also made up by them. In this situation there is question mark over our Baloch identity after the control on Balochistan at Gwadar in the name of CPEC project for $ 46 billion, while common Baloch is looking for single drop of water which is unavailable for them in Gawadar. Punjab has opened every door threshold on drugs to create Baloch youth addict of liquor by humiliating disease and hand over their lands in the hand Punjabi.

Organization further said that the after discussions over 7 agendas in the session, votes were casted for new cabinet including Chairman, Vice Chairman, Jr. Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, Information Secretary, also papers were submitted for the nomination of candidates for the central committee, while after successful democratic process, as per constitution of BRSO Rehan Baloch as chairman and Rozain Baloch was elected as the central general secretary.

Newly elected chairman Rehan Baloch in his inaugural speech presented red salute the martyrs of the homeland in his speech who sacrificed themselves to defend the Baloch territory and Baloch national cause and honor and tribute to prisoners in state torture cells who raise awareness among young people and guide them to grow better and understand state and international conspiracies.

Rehan Baloch further said that conspiracies are being made against Baloch people for past six decades but at every time Baloch brave sons and daughters fought against these conspiracies bravely and they protected their motherland and they followed every dangerous path for it. The newly elected chairman said that the state security forces and intelligence agencies have killed and kidnapped countless revolutionary colleagues to silence every voice which is raised by the Baloch nation, so called religious organizations are being used against the Baloch national movement and being provided every kind of assistance including training and weapons from the regular armed forces to destroy the secular Baloch society. Rehan Baloch said its pro freedom party’s responsibility to make better strategy against state conspiracies.